About Me

Hi, I'm Tom.

Art has always been an outlet to express my ideas and being able

to convey so much than i could with just words. : )

my Artist passion revolves around concept art as it is being able to take ideas and develop them further which

9 times out of 10 end up as something completely different than the first idea!

I've had a broad range of experiences and interests- I love comics, character designs, vivid colours

and developing ideas especially anything Mechanical or archaic.
Right now my main project is my Webcomic called Last Minute Fix, it is the culmination of years worth of ideas and
stories and is like the tip of an iceberg of the stories i want to tell and share : )


Here is a sample of my work, it contains,

concept art design work and some sequential art.

for more examples i would recommend you visit my



Commissions are currently Available.

If you have any questions feel free Email me @ thedynamoTom@gmail.com